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Sweet Saver Mini Detail Starter Bundle

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Get everything you need to create Mini Details with just the click of a button.

This bundle includes: 

- Mini Details

- 1 x Metallic Lustre 

- 1 x Edible Glue 

- 1 x Activator 

- 1 x Flexi Scraper

- 1 x Mini Lustre Brush 


Mini details allow you to effortlessly create customisable words and numbers with stunning metallic detailing. Simply stencil & cut your fondant letters and numbers using the 'dust with zero fuss' method by Sweet Sticks.

Each Mini details pack includes: 1 Mini Detail Cutter, Mini Detail Stencil & 1 Shape Shield.


Products paired perfect with our Mini Details are:

  • Stencil Activator
  • Metallic Lustre
  • Mini Lustre Brush
  • Edible Glue


1 - Roll out fondant to desired thickness.

2- Place stencil over your fondant, slowly continue to roll until imprint of stencil is on fondant. Can be used without Lustre. Skip to step 6.

3- Place Shape Shield over the stencil. Apply a thin coat of Alcohol Free Activator over your letter or number and keep brushing until tacky.

4- Gently apply Lustre over the top with your Mini Lustre Brush and dust away any access dust.

5- Slowly peel stencil away from fondant.

6- Cut your letter or number with your Mini Detail cutter.

7- Use Flexi Scraper to Pick up Fondant. Apply Edible Glue behind and glue onto desired dessert.


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