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My background is Visual Merchandising and textiles. I always had a part time side hustle but my working career all had to change when we fell pregnant with my son Jacob. It was the pregnancy that forced me to look into different industries and I was fortunate to stumble across Cake Decorating.

It started off by making sweet treats for friends and family but then it quickly grew to outside orders, teaching students and even travelling the world to teach the art of cake pops. It was a fun venture! In the background my urge to create a paint was in the for front of my my mind. For almost a year, I would research ingredients, test formulas to make what is today Sweet Sticks Edible Art Cake Decorating Paint.

The hustle was absolutely real. Friends and family would help where they can. From mixing paint to pouring bottles to help selling at cake events. It started in the spare room, then it took over the dining room, then our master bedroom was converted into a manufacturing room! By day the whole house was used up and by night not a paint bottle in sight.

The business grew, the range grew, our team grew, the space grew.

I’m super proud of the company we have. Sweet Sticks has become the product you use to make cake decorating easy. That’s been our motto from the start and it’s here to stay.

I proudly support local where I can - We do everything in house. Meaning every bottle, every product you see is made by one of our staff members.

When you purchase from Sweet Sticks, you’re purchasing a product that’s really made with love.