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If you already love our Glitter Pumps and want to add the new colours to your collection than this is the pack to purchase. Enjoy the bonus bulk discount too! 

Applying glitter to your cakes, cupcakes and cookies has never been easer with Sweet Sticks Edible Glitter Pump Sprays. It’s quick, less fuss and works beautifully on most mediums such as buttercream, fondant and ganache.

Sweet Sticks Glitter Pumps are 100% food Grade and 100% edible. 

Slightly pump directly onto the area you wish to decorate. The closer you are to your creation the more concentrated the glitter will be. If you are looking for a less concentrated area, pump the glitter further away.

Pack includes x12:

1 x Blue Glitter Pump
1 x Blush Glitter Pump
1 x Emerald Glitter Pump
1 x Green Glitter Pump
1 x Hot Pink Glitter Pump
1 x Indigo Glitter Pump
1 x Orange Glitter Pump
1 x Purple Glitter Pump
1 x Rose Glitter Pump
1 x Rose Gold Glitter Pump
1 x Silver Glitter Pump
1 x Yellow Glitter Pump 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

OMGosh!!! So many fun colours…and versatile. Spray it on…or dab it on…love ‘em!!!

Danielle M
Every single color is gorgeous!

While I have been using and loving the Lustres for a couple years, these glitter pumps are a very worthwhile addition to my collection. They feature bold and beautiful colors that don’t fade on my desserts, and they add a more glittery effect compared to the lustres, which I would say are more shimmery. You can spray them on your creations (closer for bolder colors, more distance for more subtle coverage) or you can take the pump off and use them like the jars of Lustre.