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Sweet Saver Mini Detail Bundle

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Get the entire Mini Details range in just one click! 

This bundle includes: 

- Mini Details Circle 

- Mini Details Bunting 

- Mini Details Flag 

- Mini Details Square 

Mini details allow you to effortlessly create customisable words and numbers with stunning metallic detailing. Simply stencil & cut your fondant letters and numbers using the 'dust with zero fuss' method by Sweet Sticks.

Each Mini details pack includes: 1 Mini Detail Cutter, Mini Detail Stencil & 1 Shape Shield.

Products paired perfect with our Mini Details are:

  • Stencil Activator
  • Metallic Lustre
  • Mini Lustre Brush
  • Edible Glue


1 - Roll out fondant to desired thickness.

2- Place stencil over your fondant, slowly continue to roll until imprint of stencil is on fondant. Can be used without Lustre. Skip to step 6.

3- Place Shape Shield over the stencil. Apply a thin coat of Alcohol Free Activator over your letter or number and keep brushing until tacky.

4- Gently apply Lustre over the top with your Mini Lustre Brush and dust away any access dust.

5- Slowly peel stencil away from fondant.

6- Cut your letter or number with your Mini Detail cutter.

7- Use Flexi Scraper to Pick up Fondant. Apply Edible Glue behind and glue onto desired dessert.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

They are very good. Can think of many uses for them. Thanks.


I love every single product I get from Sweetsticks! These ones are super cute and super easy to use!

Jackie Kersnovske
Mini stencils

Haven’t got around to trying yet but super impressed with how it looks and can’t wait to use it.