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March Cake Decorator of the Month

March Cake Decorator of the Month

1.       What is your favourite Breakfast? 

I don’t like breakfast .  But occasionally when I go out to breakfast with my husband my go to favorite thing to order is fried chicken covered in country gravy, 2 eggs over easy, and hash browns.  Breakfast of champions  

2.       How long have you Decorating for?

I’ve been decorating for over 15 years. 

3.       Why did you choose  Decorating?

My mom owned a bakery in Guatemala, when she moved to the U.S she started a cake business from home and I was around cake decorating since I can remember.  I loved watching her decorate wedding cakes and make royal icing flowers . 

4.       In times of doubt, what do you do to get back into your creative zone?

I always make sure to take a few days off and do whatever it is that I love. Whether if it’s to watch my favorite tv show, get my nails done or go on a getaway.  I take time for me, and come back with a clear mind. 

5.       Where did you learn your Decorating skills?

I learned a lot of decorating skills from my mom, but her skills where very old school (in respect to my mom) the rest of my skills like fondant work and painting was all from YouTube, and trial & error. 

6.       What is your typical day like, what does it entail?

I get my kids ready for school, drink coffee so I’m not a zombie the rest of the day. I then start filming content for up coming classes, projects, and collaborations.  Pick up kids from school, help with homework, cook dinner, and finally relax! 

7.       We know Sweet Sticks is a brand you use, what do you love about it?

I love Sweet sticks, it was the 1st edible gold paint I used on all my cakes.  I love how much they’ve grown and now offer a variety of products that can be used various confections other than cakes! 

8.       What is your #1 piece of advice for the newbies in  Decorating?

Best advice I can give to newbies is to stay true to yourself.  Don’t let anyone dictate what kind of artist you should be.  Create freely and you’ll be much happier in your career. 

9.       Who is your inspiration in the Decorating world - name three (TAG THEM)

Liz Marek from @sugargeekshow 

Porsha Kimble @porsha.Kimble 

Rosie from @SugarandSaltCookies all 3 of these women I’ve been following since they’ve started.  To see how far they’ve come is truly inspiring.  Liz gave me my 1st opportunity to teach online, Porsha allowed me to teach in front of over 100 bakers in New Orleans.  

And Rosie inspired me to create edible art that is unique from everything else you see, but most importantly stay true to yourself. 

10.    What are your favourite Sweet Sticks products and why?  My favorite Sweet Sticks product beside the edible gold paint are ALL the metallic lustres.  Not many products on the market exist for chocolate decorators, specifically cakesicles.  Lustres creates this magical glow on chocolate!  A must try! 


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