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Easy to make Valentines Day Cookies

Easy to make Valentines Day Cookies

Valentines Day. The day of love and celebrating the lover in your life and what a better way to show your love… In a cookie! 

We are all about making things easy at Sweet Sticks and even though these cookies look absolutely show stopping amazing, they are super easy to make and the level of difficulty would stand at around a 2. Super simple! 

What you need: 

- Fondant (pre coloured is super easy) We use Pettitice.
- Cutters. Simple is best. This video calls for a heart shape. We picked this up at Custom Cookie Cutters.
- Acrylic roller. We like using an acrylic roller as the fondant doesn’t stick to it. 
- Stencils. We chose some from our LOVE collection. Simply enter LOVE in the search bar and a bunch will come up. 
- Brushes. You will need a flat or filbert for applying the Activator, a lustre brush for applying the lustre and another flat or filbert for applying the glue. 
- Lustres - we’ve used 24k gold in this video.
- Stencil Activator an absolute must if you want your cookies to dry rub free. We have everything you need in our Mini Stencil Bundle Pack. Highly recommend. 



Step 1: Roll fondant slightly thicker than desired thickness and cut shape.

Step 2: Roll stencil onto fondant.

Step 3: Only using a small amount (a drop or two) paint the Stencil Activator onto the stencil and continue to brush it until it becomes ‘tacky’.

Step 4. Using the Lustre Brush dab lustre onto stencil covering all design.

Step 5. Brush away excess lustre.

Step 6: Peel stencil gently off fondant.

Step 7: Cut shape out again.

Step 8: Glue fondant down onto your cookie and enjoy!

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