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Cake Decorator of the Month

Cake Decorator of the Month

  1. What is your favourite Breakfast?  

    Smashed avocado on toast with salmon and a double espresso.  

  2. How long have you been baking/Decorating for? 

    I have been baking and decorating for the last 3 and half years. 

    It started after I finished filming the Great Australian Bake Off.  

  3. Why did you choose baking/Decorating? 

    Baking and decorating is fun and relaxing! I find it very therapeutic.  

    My background is in science and when I finish a long day at work, I love to spend a few hours in the kitchen where I can relax and let my creativity gets wild.  

  4. In times of doubt, what do you do to get back into your creative zone?  

    If sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and I need to go back to my creative zone, I usually go to the gym or I clean the house, to clean my head, and then I am back in the kitchen full of energy and ready to bake!  


    Where did you learn your baking/Decorating skills?

    At the beginning I learned all the decorating skills mainly from social media or baking books.
    Now if I have some new techniques ideas in my head, I will try to master them in the kitchen. The kitchen is my experiment lab. 

    Then I am lucky that I travel with work and networking with many talented bakers/decorators which helps you to expand your skill sets too.  

  5. What is your typical day like, what does it entail?
    I have a full-time job (not cake related) and when I am back home from the office, I go to the gym, I cook dinner and then straight into baking, editing or writing recipes.
    I spend most of my weekends baking, travelling or my favourite hobby: eating! Yum yum!   

  6. We know Sweet Sticks is a brand you use, what do you love about it?I love all the products that Sweet Sticks offer from the lustres to the stencils. The activator is a lifechanging product, when you use it for the first time you will be wowed!  They give me joy and they are so versatile.  I use them for my bakes, drinks and sometime before I go out, I spray some glitter on me too...why not! Glitter is my signature detail.  
  8. What is your #1 piece of nadvice for the newbies in Decorating? 

    Have lots of fun and never give up! If sometimes things don’t turn out how you wanted to be, don’t be afraid and try again! 

    I learned so many lessons from mistakes and errors. I am still making them and I am glad I can learn from them.  

  9. Who is your inspiration in the baking/Decorating world - name three 

    There are so many talent bakers out there. 
    I love what Alisha from @SweetBakes_, Liz from @Sugargeekshow and Tigga from @Tigga_mac create.
    Their bakes are fun, colourful and just so beautiful.
    I wish I could taste all the bakes they make…well if you are looking for a tester, you know where to find me. ;)  
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