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Posted on 18 October 2015

You just never know when you might need to make your own homemade candy melts. The great thing about this recipe is that you can buy all the ingredients from your super market. It's quick, easy and tastes pretty close to the real deal.

HOMEMADE CANDY MELTS RECIPE - makes approx 1 cup

What you need:

- double boiler method
- cooking thermometer
- Sifter
- mini chocolate bar silicon molds
- metal whisk
- Nutri bullet/Magic bullet or anything else that's small and blends really well.
- microwave safe container


- 125g vegetable shortening (I used Copha)
- 125g icing sugar
- 5 Tb skim milk powder
- 3 Tb milk powder
- 3 Tb protein powder
- 1/8 tsp vanilla extract
- 2g lecithin
- pinch of salt
- oil food colouring (optional)

How to:

Step 1. Fill a medium sized saucepan 1 inch high with water and put on a low heat.

Step 2. In a medium sized metal or glass bowl add the copha and place on top of the saucepan to melt (double boiling method)

Step 3. In the meantime - in another bowl, sift all dry ingredients together.

Step 4. Once the copha has melted get your thermometer and once it has reached a temperature of around 40 C add 1 heaped tablespoon of the dry ingredients and whisk until dissolved. Once the temperature has reached 40 C again, repeat. Continue this until you have done this to the whole mixture and take off the heat.

Step 5. Add your vanilla extract and mix well. Set mixture aside and allow to rest and cool down for 10 minutes.

Step 6. Pour mixture into your nutri bullet (or whatever you're using) and give it a good whirl. (This will help get rid of the slight grainy texture) I leave mine on for about 90 seconds. If you're colouring your candy melts this is the time to add your colour. Make sure it's oil based.

Step 7. Pour into your molds and place in the fridge to set.

Step 8. Once set and ready to use pop melts out of the molds and transfer to your microwave safe container. Place in the microwave for 30 sec intervals at power level 5. Make sure to give it a good mix in between each one. Once it's melted (will be really thin) set aside for approx 10 mins to thicken up a bit. Dip away!

Note: If you need to re heat before you have finished, simply put back in the microwave for 10 sec at a time at power level 5.

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