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Posted on 25 March 2015

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake

The world as we know it has turned online.. That means the way we communicate, the way we read news, learn, laugh, work etc.. For me - it's a life saver! I have both social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram and I'd like to think that my page is filled with pretty pictures of all yummy sweets on a stick. What's funny though is that people have no idea what is happening behind the scenes to create, work and be out there on a social media front.

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake

So I thought I would share this post of my day so far… The life of a mum with bubs and business.. Here goes..

7am - Dylan wakes up, feed baby #1

7.25am Post a pic on Insta that I created from the day before

7.30am - Jacob wakes up, we all play in the lounge

8.10am - Put Dylan to sleep

8.30am - Feed Jacob breakfast and express

8.45am - Jacob requests another breakfast so I make him eggs on toast, I eat too

9.00am - Pull out some entertainment for him to play on the high chair while I cook dinner for tonight (new thing I'm trying out)

9.30am - Still cooking - Jacob gets picked to hang out with his Nan for the day

9.45am - Start playing around with todays social media inspiration

10.15am - Remembered I had my dinner cooking on the stove - over cooked it :(

10.30am - Dylan wakes up - nappy, play and feed

11.30am - Start trying to sort out again some paperwork from the day before

11.45am - Hang out with Dylan and post a pic on Insta

12pm - Express

12.15pm - Attempt to put Dylan to sleep

12.30pm - Dylan still not sleeping

12.45pm - Still not sleeping.. mess in the nappy!

1pm - Post a pic on Insta and eat some lunch while on the computer

1.30pm NOW - Trying to quickly write this post so I can have a shower and look like a human being and out of my Pj's and clean the house before Dylan wakes up!

ha ha ha! Moral to this sweet little story is.. You've got this! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and want to do.. You'll make it work!

Have a wonderful day!

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake

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