Poop-spiration - EMOJI dessert style..

Posted on 25 November 2015

Photo credit: Sweet Sticks

Having the ability to recreate poop and might I add - cute poop cracks me up! Who would have thought this is what I would be doing with my life..? Hilarious but most importantly super fun! Sweet Sticks really has become my creative outlet and one I never knew I needed so much. So much so that if I haven't created anything in a few days, I start to go a little cranky/crazy! Dirk will totally agree on this.

Photo credit: Yum-Mammas

And this particular creative outlet all started from the very clever and the gorgeous Vivian from @yum-mammas when created this stinking cute cupcake, the #shitcakes! at the last Cake, Bake & Sweets show (oh my god they tasted delicious!) and since then the super cool @vickiee-yo (Vickie) made her version of it on a donut (oh and that was so yummy too) so I thought it was my duty to do it in cake pop style - of course right? lol

Photo credit: Vickie-Liu

I seriously find this hilarious. Like actually a real LOL.. Literally laughing out loud.. at a screen.. now I'm just laughing at me.. oh dear.. lol

Anyways.. Since then we had some fun today at re-creating some poop-scream! ha ha!

Photo credit: Sweet Sticks

Photo credit: Vickie Liu

Hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out their awesome pages on Instagram.

What was so funny about all of this is when my son Jacob asked to eat one he said.. 'Mum, can I have some poop?' ha ha ha so cute! So innocent!

Share your 'poop' creations and hashtag #sweetsticksAU I'd love to share your work..

Miranda xx

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