Ombre babushka doll cake pop tutorial now available...

Posted on 12 July 2015

One of my dearest BFF's is about to have a baby - yayyyy! So last week we celebrated by having a baby shower for her and I was delighted to make some cake pops for her and her guests. The design idea was pretty clear.. Babushka doll cake pops! I love this design! They are so so super cute and can be styled to suit any theme. I decided to go with a pink and blue ombre finish as the sex of the baby is still unknown - it turned out a treat!

The inside was my famous Oreo cake pops (video just recored with my recipe - yes pee) and they lasted on the table no more than 3 minutes :) That always puts a smile to my face!

I decided to do a video tutorial on this as there is a lot of technique and skill involved in this design. Not hard either, but once you know it you can apply it to so many more designs and really have the professional finish to your pop.

What you will learn:

- How to measure the correct sizing for the body and head (same technique can be applied to bear cake pops or snow men cake pops)
- How to join each part perfectly
- Correct way of dipping for this design
- How to make a perfect circle for the face
- How to paint on the face and hair
- How to create an ombre effect for the body

What you need:

- Lollipop sticks
- Cake pop stand
- Cake pop dough
- Perfectly melted candy melts for dipping (I used super white Merkens)
- Peanut Butter candy melts (I used Wiltons)
- Brown and red cake pop paint
- Pink or coral lustre dust
- Pink powdered colour
- Brushes
- Toothpicks
- Paint pallet

You can find the video tutorial here.

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