Melting candy melts.... PINK!

Posted on 15 July 2015cake pops how to make cake pops melting candy melts

Photo taken with iPhone 5 and Capture Your Cake techniques

Hi Hi!

I hope everyone is doing well on this happy hump day! The sun is out here in Melbourne (still freezing) but when the sun is out it just makes everything better, wouldn't you agree?

I'm slowly getting back into the kitchen and doing what I can with my time restraints (baby Dylan and Jnr Jacob keep me busy) and I was scrolling through some posts on the private Facebook group and a lot of members were saying how they hate working with Merkens and candy melts in general for that matter. So when I was working on a little project this week using pink Merkens (all will be revealed on Friday) I thought, why not record the melting process again. I've melted so many packets of candy melts now in my time and one thing for certain is that some colours are a little harder to work with. I'm guessing its the colouring in the candy melts that make it more difficult.

I'm taking it as my duty to record me in my kitchen and how I melt each one.. It's funny - because it's all live, no editing! I don't have time for that and what was funny this time round is that I actually messed up while melting and recording so you can see how I recovered them and they still came out beautifully.

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