How to make Cake Pop Paint...

Posted on 08 July 2015cake pops cake pop paint tutorial

I thought it's time to change things up a bit with Sweet Sticks and as time goes on, the business is changing enormously as priority number #1 is the little fan bam I've got, so right now this all just fits and I hope you like it and come along the ride with me! You'll soon see more video tutorials available in my online shop, more physical and digital products also.. Yee Pee!.

There will be a mixture of information in there that you can learn, have fun with and show off to your friends, family and customers. There's is going to be a bunch of tutorials up soon and some may ask why I charge for my tutorials..?? There's YouTube and Pinterest!! Well it's pretty simple….Most people that upload tutorials on YouTube are getting paid by YouTube. Others that post on their blog get paid by advertisers on their website. Me.. I only get paid if you buy my products, that's that. No one else pays me.. There are no affiliate links on my page, nothing.. Just me! So I really do hope you respect this and support this way of business. My prices are super low in support of all walks of life and I truly want to encourage all other woman out there to learn and grow in their passions!

So to kick things off today I have posted up my 'How to make cake pop paint' video tutorial. Depending where you are in the world it may be available to purchase but if it's not and you want to make your own than this is the video tutorial for you.!! Cake pop paint has really changed the way I decorate my pops and I absolutely love it!! The ideas are limitless, it can really allow your imagination to run wild and free! Enjoy! To view click here.

Want to learn how to make perfect cake pops? Take my online course, link here.

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