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Why It's So Important to Give Back...

Posted on 03 January 2016christmas christmas cookies giving back

This blog entry is a little late but with the festive season in order I found getting on the computer a little tough. And finally here we are... I have two little boys, 3 and 10 months and one thing this Christmas I really wanted to teach them is about the gift of giving.

Christmas DIY kids cookies

Kids love opening presents. Heck! I love opening presents too but this year I wanted to mix it up a bit and try and teach my kids the joy of also giving. I had this random idea of making Christmas cookies, getting my children to decorate them and hand out to the elderly at a nursing home.

So I went straight into planning mode to see if it was all possible and boom! Before you know my family were off giving out Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve to the elderly at Hansworth nursing home!

christmas tree cookies

First up I'm not an expert cookie maker at all so I called on my friend Julia from Miss Biscuit and she hooked me up with a killer cookie recipe. (You can get it here). I spent the Friday morning making all the dough - I needed to make 200 cookies so there was a lot of dough! That night when the kids went to sleep I spent the night rolling, cutting and baking all the cookies.. Cutter Craft have a great range of cookie cutters for all occasions so be sure to check them out for your next cookie adventure. And just a little bit of useless information for you.... I love baking paper! It's like the best kitchen invention ever. I wish I could shake the hand of the creator. They are a genius!

dr. oekter sprinkles

Cookies cooled down and packed up for another day to decorate. I really wanted to make the decorating part super easy, super kid friendly and really fun for kids as Jacob is only 3. I'm certainly not going to try and teach him how to flood a cookie with royal icing now am I? Ha ha. At the last Cake, Bake & Sweets show in Melbourne I was introduced to an awesome company called Dr. Oetker. They are new to the Australian market and supply Coles supermarket a whole heap of cake decorating supplies such as sprinkles, writing gels, pre coloured icing packs, chocolate stars and a ton more. The way the have designed the packaging is so perfect for little hands we absolutely loved them. The icing packs and writing gels were our favourite. The icing packs especially as they come pre-packed with four icing tips that you can chop and change as you please. For the simple fact I didn't have to make, colour and bag my own icing was a godsend. I'll be the first to admit I'm time poor so anything that saves me time and are easy for little hands is a winner is my eyes. (You can check out their whole home baking range here)


Saturday morning and my entire kitchen was filled with cookies, Christmas carols, decorations and happy little hands (aka Jacon and Dylan, although Dylan was just watching this year). Half way through I did come a point I have to admit where it all got a little too much and I thought to myself 'what the hell am I doing this for!!!!??' There were sprinkles, cookies, icing and baking paper everywhere!! I literally had to stop, breathe and scull a coffee to remember that this is all for a big picture purpose - to teach my kids the gift of giving. That quickly snapped me out of it and we were all well on our way again.

200 hundred cookies!!! We did it! What a moment. It was pretty special telling the boys what these were for and how he only tried to nibble on a cookie once. Not bad for a three year old. Later that night I bagged them ready for Christmas Eve.

Blue Cross nursing homes were initially quite surprised with my idea but welcomed it with open arms so I was thrilled to bits when they said I could go ahead with giving out Christmas cookies to all the patients. So on Christmas Eve at 12pm while all the patients were having their lunch, me and little my fam bam arrived to Hansworth to give all the patients and staff each a cookie for Christmas. I dressed my boys in little Christmas outfits and everyone was smitten especially with Dylan's little reindeer headband and Jacob with his extroverted personality. We were introduced to everyone by the manager there and myself and Jacob walked around to each of the patients handing out cookies. Jacob was soooooooo cute with it all. He went to each and every patient that was sitting, gave them a cookie and said 'Merry Christmas'. I have to say I got sooooo emotional with this whole experience. Seeing my son give to others with such grace and love gave me so much joy. Joy is something I haven't hugely experienced in my life before. I think I always thought that happiness and feeling joy were the same thing but I now know it's not. I experience happiness everyday. Happiness within my family, my friends, my work, my life etc. But joy, joy is a feeling that makes your heart beat, makes your heart open. It opens your heart in a different way. It breaks down walls you didn't even know you had up and allows you to let go and just be and let me tell you that feeling is so addictive. I can't wait to do it all again. So my purpose for all of this was to teach my kids the gift of giving. We certainly did that and a whole lot more. #SUCCESS!

Love, Miranda xx

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