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Posted on 29 November 2015

Desserts by: Sweet Sticks

I remember when my friend Alicia from Sweet Bakes made these super cute lollipops with edible flowers and I became instantly obsessed with the thought of combining sweet treats and edible flowers in one. To me, it took dessert decorating to a whole other level. It was love at first sight and I haven't turned back since. What can you decorate with edible flowers one might ask? Well the answer is simple... ANYTHING. I'm talking cake pops, cake, cupcakes, jelly, mouse, ice-cream, raw treats, cookies, fruit, pancakes.. anything! And it really turns a dessert from pretty to pretty-bloody-amazing!

Image and Desserts by: Sweet Bakes

The colours, the non sugar factor and just the simple sheer elegance of a flower on top of a sweet treat is truly beautiful. I really fall into a happy place when I see them together. The combinations are endless because there are actually sooooooo many flowers out there that you can eat such as: bean blossoms. lavender, roses, borages, nasturtiums, calendula, cornflower, carnations, marigolds, geraniums, violas and rosemary to name just a few. Crazy right?! It's the best!

They all have their own unique taste and smell. Some more pleasant than others but I haven't come across one that I wouldn't want to put as a decoration. This website here give great little descriptions on a whole bunch of edible flowers so be sure to have a read.

Image and Desserts by: Sweet Sticks

I did at one point months ago try and grow my own but that was short lived.. ha ha.. I don't think I had them in the right position to be honest in terms of sunlight and shade and I think I forgot to water them a few times and I don't personally know enough about them to grow them nor do I have the time to think about caring for something like that - LOL. So since then I have left it to the trusted experts and will happily continue purchasing through them (details on suppliers below).

It's really important to go through trusted flower growers because you don't want to have any pesticides or any bad boys on the flowers so make sure to always find organic farms where possible. Don't buy from your local Bunnings or Garden places because you don't know where they came from. Always be sure to spray your flowers when you get them to get rid of any little bugs and creatures that don't want to leave and always keep them sealed in the fridge. They say the flowers are suppose to last up to 10 days in the fridge. Some yes and some no. After a few days I do see the violas for example going a bit frumpy and a little lifeless so if you are planning on decorating desserts for an event my best recommendation would be to purchase the flowers as close as possible to the event day.

Image and Dessert by: Unbirthday Bakery

When decorating, you need to leave it to the last possible minute I find as they will end up wilting and drying up and losing the wowness. So time your decorating well. Invest in a teeny tiny mini spray bottle so when delivering your desserts you can give them the tiniest spray just so they hold up that little bit longer. Understand also that weather plays a big part in how long they will look nice for also. If hot - long not at all. The colder it is, the longer they last.

My preferred suppliers in Melbourne are:

Herb And Spice Garden

Petite Ingredient

Tell em, Miranda from Sweet Sticks sent you :)

They are both sooooooo helpful! And the flowers are really, truly, absolutely beautiful. You need to order in advance for both, at least a couple of days - so plan well.

I've taken the time to try and find others Australia wide for you but can not give you my personal recommendation on them as I haven't used them. If you do end up using any of them, please do share your experience with us!

Flower dale Farm - Melbourne

Byron Bay Organic Produce - New South Wales

Darling Mill Farm - New South Wales

Pretty Produce - Queensland

Simply Rose Petals - Australia wide

Image and Desserts by: Sweet Sticks

Until next time.... Miranda xxx

Ps... If you're loving the acrylic stands in some of the pics you can find the whole range here.

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