DIY Moustache, Top Hat, Glasses and Polka Dot Cake Pops! Free traceable print out just for you...

Posted on 07 August 2015how to make cake pops moustache molds DIY

I have made quite a few moustache cake pops in my time. They are such a cute theme for a dessert table and I have to say, the effect of the moustache on the cake pop just looks awesome! I did however have a few issues with creating the actual moustache for the cake pop and I ended up finding a mould from Etsy that had two different sizes. It worked out yes - but it took forever!

I only had the one mould so I would have to put the candy melts in (I don't like using fondant) and wait for it to set! It would drive me absolutely batty!! There had to be another way! And guess what??!! There is!! Taa Daa!!! My FREE traceable print out. Man I wish I thought of this 2 years ago! You can thank me later :)

What you need to make these beauties:

Have your cake pop paint and perfect pops ready in hand. With your chop stick, dab a bit of the paint onto the stick and press gently onto the cake pop. Re dip the stick back into the paint and dab the pop again. Repeat this all the way around.

Have your black melted candy melts ready in a piping bag. On top of your cookie tray place a copy of your DIY moustache, top hat & glasses tracing sheet and on top of that place a sheet of baking paper.

Cut a small hole at the tip of your bag and with a very light flow trace and fill out each of the images.

When finished - pop them into the freezer for a few minutes so they are nice and hard.

When they are set flip them over so the flat side is facing up. With a toothpick, dip a small amount of the melted black candy melts and make a couple of dots (as your glue) onto the pop.

Gently press moustache against the pop until the melts have set. It won't take long at all as your pieces are super chilled.

Do the same for the glasses (except dab a tiny dot for the middle of the glasses and a smear for the top hat.

View my full video tutorial on how to achieve these cake pops watch the Youtube video below.

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