Cheats way to a gold swirl

Posted on 15 April 2015

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake - Phone Photography

Decorating cake pops can be time consuming - we know that! So if i'm going to make cake pops I still want them to look fab but create them in a shorter amount of time. This is not always possible but for this look and design it sure is!! I'm sooooo excited!

I have been a fan of DecoMagic for quite a while now and Karen who is the owner of DecoMagic is just amazing! She is always coming up with new ideas and products! Very inspirational. If you are not following her I suggest you do. :)

Usually to make a gold swirl effect on a cake pop the process is to pipe candy melts onto your perfect pop (learn how to make perfect pops here), wait for them to dry and then carefully hand paint gold paint or lustre dust onto the swirls you piped to achieve the gold look.. ufff! soooo time consuming!! Well guess what? I was able to decorate one pop in less than 30 seconds with DecoMagic! Totally high fiving myself right now!

The pouches come with its own piping bag so all you need to do is transfer DecoMagic into your piping bag, cut a super small hole and boom! Start decorating!!

You can purchase the pouches directly from DecoMagic or through my Etsy shop.

Yes, you can thank me later.. You're welcome! :)

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake - Phone Photography

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