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Posted on 11 April 2016

I recently took the plunge and had my own stand at this years Melbourne Cake Expo. What a buzz that was! I had for sale all my stands, cones, dvd, lollipop sticks, feather sticks, brushes and paints. I also had live demonstrations and private workshops daily for the expo. I have to say it was a tiring week but it was so worth it! I met so many awesome people! I got to squeeze so many cakey friends throughout the day and I also got to show the world my new paints! What a buzz!!!!! What a high!! What a moment it was to see something you work so hard for come to life. It was a pinch myself moment that's for sure.

As crazy as it was I will be doing it all over again at the Brisbane Cake Expo which is on May 14th & 15th. So all you sunny siders, I hope to see you and meet you! Get you tickets for the Brisbane Cake Expo here. And if you want to take my cake pop workshop, you can purchase your ticket here (it also gives you entry to the show itself).

Love, Miranda xx

Ps. Images courtesy of Cupcake Central.

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carol·18 June 2016 - 04:04pmhi Miranda, i bought some of your amazing edible art color from the recent sydney cake show, can i please check with you must i use rose spirit in order to use the color for painting or can i use alcohol or water instead?
hope to hear from u soon!
Cheers, Carol

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