Sweet Sticks guilt free? No way!!!

Posted on 09 February 2015

I just realised that it had been almost a month since I posted here on the website. I have been updating pics and what's been happening on my social media sites but yes, I did get lazy with going to an actual computer and making actual time to sit and write. In saying that, I just realised how much I actually do with my phone! That's crazy!

So to give you a bit of a run down to what's been happening the last month.. I HAD A BABY! Yep, that's probably why I couldn't be bothered coming to a PC! ha ha! I think that's a pretty worthy excuse don't you think? His name is Dylan Thomas and he is just precious.. The perfect child.. Eats, sleeps, poops and is pretty quiet in between all of that. So I'm one happy mamma!

Another thing that has overwhelmed my thoughts is the push for healthy, beautiful treats! I am making it my mission to create pretty, beautiful and most importantly healthy treats on a stick! Guilt free?? Ohhhh Myyyy Goshhhh Yesssss!!

I was suppose to launch my first E-book with all the yummy recipes I have come up with thus far but baby got in the way but be sure to watch this space as we are not very far at all! And let me just add when I say guilt free I mean totally - 100% no refined sugar, no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, vegan friendly! You can have your cake and eat it too! Boom!!!

I'm so excited and I really can not wait to share it to the world and hopefully shift the way we think about desserts.. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good old cupcake! I just think having the two worlds come together will be a massive wake up call to all of us! Healthy can still look pretty!

So to give you a little teaser here I have my Banana & Coconut cake pops! Sooooooooo yummy! I got the thumbs up from all my little taste testers! OH AND… even the flowers are healthy, pretty and edible! Whattt?????

Love, Miranda xx

PS.. PLUG TIME! All these pics you see are all from my iPhone 5 using the course learnings from my course Capture Your Cake.. If you have a cake business then this is a course for you to sign up with!

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