Puppy dog pops and technology...

Posted on 26 August 2014

puppy dog cake pops

Photo credit: Capture Your Cake Cake Pops: Learn How To Make Cake Pops

Hello lovelies!

So not last week but the week before I finally sent my phone away to insurance to get it either repaired or replaced but the problem with going through insurance it takes between 10 - 18 days until you get it back! The phone company give you a loan phone but it's a old brick that doesn't sync with anything and I'm not very good with technology to begin with so we were not a match made in heaven that's for sure.

Having this loan phone made me unintentionally shut down from the world around me. I wasn't receiving text messages, I couldn't send them either (would take 5 minutes to type 3 words), I had no social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or What'sApp, I didn't have my calendar anymore so I had no idea what appointments/bookings I had and I didn't have any phone contacts!

At first I thought it was a good thing - you know use it to my advantage. Re-connect with myself and nature. But no.. That really wasn't the case. I was on the pc last Thursday night when I saw an email come through from the gorgeous Belinda from Styled By Belle I had a slight panic attack. A job we had booked months ago was due to be picked up the following day and it completely slipped my mind! (this is the part where no technology doesn't help)!

puppy dog cake pops

Usually when I prepare for my orders for the week I have a whole process.. Tuesday buy supplies, Wednesday or Thursday create the cake balls, Thursday or Friday decorate! it's quite a smooth little process I have going on and usually works really well. So you can imagine what state I was in when I found out about this order! Eek!! and I knew I wanted to make them fabulous for her especially because it was her sons birthday. To be honest I don't think I've ever worked so fast in my life! ha ha ha!

puppy dog cake pops

I was super lucky and grateful that my little boy was in care that day anyway (he goes every Friday) and I was celebrating one of my best friends birthdays in the city so Bel and I arranged for her to come up meet me there (we were eating at QV Red Spice - OMG I seriously can't stop thinking about that soft shell crab) so in the end it ALL worked out!

puppy dog cake pops

Moral of the story… ha.. well.. I'm not sure there is one or if I'm just complaining about not having my phone. But I think the moral of the story is we have just become accustom to technology. Me personally, I don't think I could live without it.. Sounds a bit crazy I know but the fact we have have this little rectangle box that can tell us when we have to do things, makes my photos pretty, connects me with the world how can I not love it?

puppy dog cake pops

Plus its just nice to be able to take nice photos again of my cake pops! he he he.. Speaking of cake pops - my Learn How To Make Cake Pops is at a crazy low price of $32.00 which is super awesome! The continued testimonials I receive in the private Facebook is just awesome! So make sure to go and check it out if you're ready to make perfect cake pops!

Love, Miranda xx

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