New Tutorial For Members... Ballerina Cake Pops!

Posted on 24 September 2014cake pops ballerina cake pop tutorial

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake | Cake Pops: Make Perfect Pops

If it's one thing I enjoy doing, it's creating my personal design tutorial for my members! Call it pregnant brain but of late I've been lost for ideas so this time I asked my members "what do you want to learn?" So many requests came through.. All sorts! There was a lot of interest for Christmas cake pops so I seriously can not wait to start designing the Christmas range for them. October & November will be a Christmas bananzaar! (I have no idea how to spell that word BTW - feel free to correct me :)

Ok! So now.. Back to this tutorial.. The ballerina cake pop! My eyes lit up when I saw this request purely because I'm loving all things pretty and dainty and secondly, this particular design I know would look so amazing on a gorgeous girly birthday dessert table.

Imagine them in all sorts of pastel colours. You could purple, yellow, green, white, blue.. Ahhh such a treat! In this tutorial members learn how to:
- Shape the cake balls
- Best way to use a mould with candy melts
- How to make the Tulle Tutu
- And of course how to put it all together
The important bits like making the cake balls, melting the candy melts, dipping the pops and so on. I don't cover in the mini tutorials as all that information is all here in the main class.
So if it's perfect cake pops you're after.. Well, I think it's time you joined in on our cake pop fun! You get:
- 8 Online video classes showing you what I do to make perfect cake pops!
- An invitation to my private group where we have over 180 members practising, perfecting, making friends and sharing successes
- Free printables and design tutorials!
BOOM! For $29 - Seriously.. Can't go wrong! that's 3 packets of candy melts right there.. And trust me.. If you don't know the technique, trust me.. Those 3 packets you would have bought will be in the bin! Eek!
Love, Miranda xx

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