Life beyond cake pops...

Posted on 08 November 2014

Where I live I have a Foodworks supermarket across the road which is about a 2 minute walk. I went there yesterday morning to grab some mm's for some cake pops I made.. Anyways.. I took Axel (my real dog - Henry stayed home (more about Henry real soon)) for a walk with me and detoured around the corner to some empty land so he can have a run around. I sat under a tree to get the shade while Axel was running around like a crazy man.

It was at that moment - the birds were flying past.. The sounds they were making.. The sun shining.. The grass.. The blue sky.. Seriously, just everything.. It was that moment where I just had to stop.. Breathe and say to myself how grateful I am to be where I am at this time in my life.. It was a very special moment for me and i walked back home feeling very humbled.. Call it coincidence but after that moment I had such a wonderful day.. So.. I leave you with my long detailed explanation for my post.. Happy weekend to all of you!! #quoteoftheday

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