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Posted on 09 September 2014cake pops wedding cake pops DIY wedding ideas

Photo credit: Capture Your Cake Cake Pops: Sweet Sticks

What a week it's been on my end! On a personal note - we are in the middle of renovations as we prepare for baby #2. The house we're in is a bit of a weird design I must say. Super old but my hubby has gone to great effort to renovate as much as possible without wasting too much money as the plan is to knock it down and rebuild.

So the house was designed with two big living areas side by side each other.. I told you.. weird! Anyways.. so we have made that into our work room/junk room.. Haven't ever really done too much to the room till now! Now, we divided the room into two smaller rooms.. so one will be the baby's room and the other room will be the study!

Got to say.. I love it so far.. For some reason it feels like more of a home. Can't explain it we have a hallway! And I love it! who would have thought.. lol

And we got our new furniture delivered this week! New lounge suite, new dining room table and new hall table.. ohhh how I love new!

Ok.. Enough about me!

A couple of weeks ago Sarah from Sugar Coated Mama contacted me and asked if I wanted to be involved in a couple of upcoming projects she had on. One of them was to be featured on her Wedding DIY segment on The Today Show which will be live to view on Wednesday 8.40am. Having said that, as I write my blog post Sarah just sms'd me saying the parcel hasn't arrived to Channel 9 so I'm on hold to Australia Post as we speak and having a slight freak out! Fingers crossed!

Photo credit: Capture Your Cake

Ok.. Back to the story… I was so excited to be asked to be a part of her segment.. One of the things I have on my bucket list is to do a cake pop demonstration on a morning show so I feel like I'm that one step closer.. Positive thinking people.. he he he..

What better design to showcase for a wedding segment then the bride & groom cake pop. This is such a classic, such a conversation stopper. Everyone loves them but everyone thinks they are super hard to make. But they're not! Well not the Sweet Sticks way anyway.

As the segment is DIY I created a design tutorial exclusive to my Learn How To Make Cake Pops members which I was suppose to upload yesterday but had a little 'user error' issue.. Which I'm all over it now! I tell ya.. Keeping up with technology can be hard!

I must say I do get a kick out of creating these tutorials for my members. Our members numbers are growing by the day and I think we are at 180 members to date which is just awesome!! They really are a lovely bunch of people. Very interactive and very supportive of each other. I learn so much from them and I love seeing their cake pop creations get better and better every time. Again.. It's awesome! (Can you tell i love that word??).

Ok.. better run! Fingers crossed these pops show up!

Miranda xxx

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