How to deal with set backs...

Posted on 11 September 2014cake pops

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Hello my lovelies...

I write this post while my son is having his afternoon nap. My legs are up on the ottoman and I'm rugged up with my new zebra print throw rug and a wheat bag on my back (sounds like a luxury afternoon doesn't it?.. yeah right!) So I had a bit of an injury yesterday. I think that is one thing we are never prepared for.. Obviously.. Ha ha! The unexpected! And this completely threw me off to say the least.

The week started off so good too! My head was in a great head space. I was feeling all positive and ready to take over the world! I had some awesome meetings and put some even more awesome things in place for the next coming weeks. And I was even more happier when my courier called me early morning yesterday to tell me my new cake pop paints have arrived in the country! So as soon as I got the news I dropped everything, grabbed Jacob and hit the road. I think Jacob was just as excited as I was because when we got to the couriers Jacob was just one pocket rocket! He was actually like a chicken without a head so I had to go and get him before he ripped the place into pieces and while I was doing that.. BAM..! TWANG..! My back just had the biggest spasm EVER!

My poor courier guy he had no one idea what was happening.. I was frozen in the most awkward position with tears rolling down my eyes and a 2 year old trying to squirm his way out of my arms.. Ahhhh.. needless to say the drive home and for the rest of the day was a complete nightmare. So since then it's been a little tough as no pain killers are allowed while pregnant, you still have to be mum and continue to do what you can.. Which isn't very much! Thank god for Ipad entertainment is all I have to say!

It was hard to deal with this injury because I had some exciting little projects on the works for the rest of the week which I had to make the decision to cancel. Ahhh the joys of being a one man show. Things like this are just out of your control, however I'm so grateful that I have met some wonderful people in the industry who are so lovely and so understanding. I guess that's the beauty of this industry. Most of us are young, female, mothers, a one man show, trying to make it better for themselves and their family. The power of positive people is very uplifting.

The other thing that this has given me is a little obvious time out!! Time to stop, take a breath and just be.. It's OK to be where I am right now in this moment.. "Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier And right now it's all about the small efforts.. Right now, they may not be seen as much, but they there. #nevergiveup

Miranda xx

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