For the love of food… and cake pops

Posted on 17 August 2014

Donut Cake Pops

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I must admit, my love for food has tripled since being pregnant. Not that I want to eat all the time, it's the taste of food when I do eat. For most of my life I would eat because I have too. You know, because your hungry. When saying that, I'd be happy with baked beans on toast for a week straight if it was up to me. So when these taste buds kick in it's like a party in my mouth and my brain and I just want to keep trying new flavours, new foods, new restaurants. It's so much fun! Especially living in Melbourne where we have some of the most amazing restaurants and cafes around.

I had the weekend off this weekend which was lovely and much needed to say the least. the body relaxed and so did the brain (more about that another time). One of my weekend highlights was catching up with a dear friend of mine who is mad on food and we parked ourselves at Chez Dre. DELICIOUS!!! Nothing beats good food and good company. The pair simply work hand in hand. Another major highlight was seeing the array of dessert choices they had displayed! The way people are able to be creative with food blows me away and seeing that inspired me to continue coming up with new Sweet Sticks flavour recipes for you.

Above is one of my original Sweet Sticks pops I had on the menu when I first started. It's the Bounty Pop. The combination of coconut and vanilla paste together is sooooooo yummy! So this week amongst all the normal work load I have, I want to create some new recipes for you but I want to know what YOUR favourite dessert flavour is. I'd love to be able to create something for you.

So comment below and let me know what dessert combo makes you go….. ahhhhhhhhh!

Miranda xxx

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