Posted on 19 August 2014

Elmo cake pop tutorial

Nawww.. 2 words.. TOO CUTE!! I thought is was appropriate to finally create an Elmo cake pop, especially because my son is completely obsessed with him at the moment. I don't mind.. He is actually super cute!! Love away I say! he he he

It's always so hard to come up with new tutorials that aren't really around. There are a couple of Elmo cake pop tutorials out there but I like to think I've changed mine up a bit and used different techniques (some better ones he he he) to what's out there now. And to add that little bit of oomph to the pop I designed the matching body printables!! Yee Pee! Now these are AWESOME! I can just imagine how these would look featured on a dessert table..!!

So all this is absolutely, 100% FREE to all the members that are currently in Learn How To Make Cake Pops! If you truly want to perfect the perfect cake pop then join the fun! Our community on the private Facebook group is worth the purchase in itself. Everyone is so sweet, so helpful and so inspiring! Everyday somebody is uploading new cake pops they made and the beautiful work that is coming out is divine! Happy dance for me!

So if you want to join us click here.

And lastly.. I'm giving myself a mini high 5 as my Iphone is currently with insurance so I don't have any technology to do what I do.. Having said that I found my super old Ipod and thought - hey, why not.. I'll give it a go! So this will be my hopefully first and last time saying.. Excuse the photos! But hey.. seriously under the circumstances I think I did pretty good. I've seen a lot worse out there! Thank god for Capture Your Cake!


Miranda xx

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