Confetti Fair and all that jazz...

Posted on 18 August 2014

Photo credit to Capture Your Cake - create perfect upside down cake pop tutorial available at Learn Cake Pops

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending Confetti Fair which was held at the most amazing venue - Arts House Meat Market over in North Melbourne. What a venue!!!!! It seriously took Confetti Fair to another level. Not to mention when you first walk in your welcomed by some pretty awesome unique food vans (I devoured my way through I think what is called an American 'Gumpo'? (pregnant brain has kicked in) and fried mac & cheese slice.. HEAVEN!!) You're are then greeted by a yummy cocktail stand (which I couldn't enjoy) but looked so good! And when you enter, there was just this awesome vibe.. I can't explain it.. Just a massive room filled with so much talent!!

I've got to say how things have changed so much for me over the course of only one year. If you know me personally you would know that only one year ago I would have attended these things only to feel so deflated as I would be comparing myself to all these awesome people and would say to myself 'I'm not good enough' blah, blah, blah.'. It literally hurts your head! But now.. (thanks to some meditation and some personal growth work) I walk in and feel this joy as I see so many people reaching their goals, fulfilling their dreams and just going for what they believe in.. it's pretty magical and I'm really pleased to be a part of such an awesome industry.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Claire who is the creator of Confetti Fair and had a great chat and giggle while sitting on such an incredible display from IGBY Productions (I totally fell in love with them) and watched her make a complete mess while eating her burrito.. ha ha..

I also had big hugs with Julia from Miss Biscuit which i absolutely love her work and can't wait to see what she makes for my sons birthday, Ingrid from Finesse Cakes by Ingrid who had such a beautiful display of cakes and cupcakes. She even hand painted on wafer paper.. what the???. Alisha from Sweet Bakes who I'm just in love with. Her and her cakes are amazing and Kim from Sprinkled By Kim who creates some of the most beautiful dessert tables around (my glitter pops were displayed so magically on her table).

Oh… I almost forgot.. I had the yummiest gelato from the cutest stand.. (I wish I remembered their name) But oh boy it was delicious! Gosh I really am enjoying my food aren't I? ha ha

Anyways.. Point to all of this jargon.. After seeing a room filled with so much talent…….

Follow your dreams.. And yes.. You are good enough!! Anything is possible and it's all worth it! Just believe in yourself! And to everyone who put themselves out there at Confetti Fair.. Yay for you! it's wonderful to see and I hope your night was successful.

Miranda xx

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