Christmas Penguins Pops!!..

Posted on 08 December 2014

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake

Tell me, are these guys cute or what??!! I'm totally in love with them.. I feel like I should be naming them like….. David, Donny and Dan.. he he..

The Christmas penguin cake pops are my quirky little spin on a Christmas Pop! Cake pops at first can be really hard so it's always so important to master how to make a perfect pop first and once you have the confidence you can get a bit more creative and start trying different shapes and themes.

In the meantime I didn't want the good old perfect pop to be left boring, hence why I started to get a little creative in the painting side of things. I searched high and low for a cake pop paint that is easy to use, looks and well just simply does the job! it was almost impossible! I would say it took me about 8 months to work out. And just when I did, the lovely Claire from PoP Bakery created her own line of cake pop paints. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of her kits. And yes, they are fantastic! So if you are a cake popper and in the UK I suggest you get to her website immediately and go buy yourself a kit.. BUT….. If you're not in the UK I have a 'How To Make Your Own Cake Pop Paint' tutorial that's included for 'Make Perfect Pop' members. Either way.. It's a total win/win because you can be creating awesome looking cake pops!

So here we have my little Christmas penguin cake pops! I love, love, LOVE these and I hope you love them too! The tutorial will be available for members tonight. If you'd like to start making perfect pops come and join! it's super fun!

Miranda xx

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