Cake Pops, Business and Self Doubt

Posted on 15 September 2014

Photo Credit: Capture Your Cake | Cake Pops: Sweet Sticks

It might just be me but I'd be so interested to see other peoples point of view about this topic and if I'm the only one that suffers the 'self doubt syndrome'. I think for me it has been with me all my life. And if I am completely honest with myself I would say my 'self doubt' has been my biggest set back in my life and has probably delayed/changed my success over the years.

My self doubt came to me in my teens. When my mother passed away I left school not long after that and went straight into full time work but always had a dream of making something of myself self. So I put myself into a uni course and started my first business when I was 17 years old. But I didn't finish my uni course and I needed to pay bills so I went back into full time work.

Fast forward 15 years later I have had many jobs and worked my way up in companies and started other business ventures but none of it was ever built with a uni degree or some sort of teaching. It was all made from pushing myself to be someone. Having said that, when I was in a particular job or business my 'self doubt' would kick in and I would continuously need reassurance that I was doing ok or would doubt myself so much that it would be written all over my face so I would withdraw from the situation and in most cases I would either look for another job or look into starting something else because I would convince myself that I wasn't good enough! Crazy right??!!!

Then I became a mum, Sweet Sticks started and a few things personally have changed for me. Don't get me wrong I still have these moments come in but now there is a HUGE difference! Now I'm ready to change it, make something of myself and tell my 'self doubt' to piss off for good!!

When I have been in crazy mode my head doesn't think logically at all. It will waste all this time on trying new ways to make my business better, or will compare myself to other amazing business woman.. All time waster thoughts! And I mean HOURS!!

So I shifted the time wasted on unnecessary focus and put it towards myself. Now I finally know what I need to do and I continue to do this (only took me 15 years but hey, who's counting?) So no, I have been trying to do this on a daily basis because let me tell you.. It feels so good!!!!! No, not good.. great!!!!

What's the secret?? Ok here goes!

1. MEDITATION!!!! Clear your head! Seriously.. Just stop! That's all.. Sounds easy.. But it's not! It's so hard to get started but trust me.. It's worth it! You go to the gym to get a good toosh yeah? Well you need to exercise your brain to make your life better.. Plain and simple! If you're in Melbourne Vicky Bouranis holds great meditation classes every week and if you are abroad I have been listening to Louise Hay Day and Night Meditations.. Both are life changers!!!!!

2. EAT WELL!!! I am the first to admit that I haven't been eating well lately.. Total carb load, not very many veggies and I am always feeling sluggish.. Well we have gone back to basics.. Cereal, yogurt and fruit for breakfast, salad/sandwich for lunch, meat and 3 veg for dinner. Plenty of water throughout the day and boom! Your body is thanking you!!!!

3. Exercise! and guess what?? It only has to be 20 mins a day! That's it!!! How can one expect to work positively when the body is tired, sluggish and sore? Move that body! Right now I'm either walking, swimming, stretching, yoga or pt training. Mix it up so you don't get board.. And seriously.. 20 minutes.. Even 10 minutes if you are stretched for time.. Just make sure you do something.. I bet you spent more than 10 minutes on Facebook already today? I know I have!! :)

4. CHANGE YOUR WORDS!! It's simple.. You say negative things - You attract negative things. Stay positive.. Even if it feels foreign.. Trust me.. You're better off saying to yourself 'I approve of myself' rather than 'I'm so bad at what I do'.

5. SLEEP!!! A clear mind gives you a great sleep! Oh and you wake up feeling so good!

Trust me.. If you were to do this for even just one week you would see the difference. I know I have and I am going to do my damn best to stay on this path! It's a bloody good feeling! Or you might just think I'm totally insane. Either way I hope this will inspire you to make even the smallest bit of you count.. And if you already do.. Hats off to you and I need to know you! What's you're secrets?

Miranda xxx

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Janine·20 October 2014 - 08:17pmHello I found you on instagram tonight. How can I order Christmas cake pops?
Thank you

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