A very late Merry Christmas...

Posted on 02 January 2015

I know, I know.. I'm soooooo late with this message! Seriously, no excuse although I could reel off at least a dozen for you in 10 seconds flat! he he..

But honestly.. I hope all of you had the most amazing Christmas and new years with family and friends. I hope it was shared with good food, great wine and endless laughter. It's such a beautiful time of year and now with our son Jacob at an age where he LOVES unwrapping presents it was truly unforgettable.

Got any new years resolutions? Well if any of them are to learn how to make perfect cake pops or to finally learn how to take great photos with your phone then go on and join our eclasses (cheap plug I know lol)

Love, Miranda xx

ps.. the awesome Christmas Tree cake pop in the photo comes with a tutorial exclusive to members of 'make perfect pops'. Boom!

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